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Rochester Select Board Enacts New Flag Policy

Our hearts are heavy today. Plumb Library administration asked us to remove the diversity flag from our Little Free Diverse Library (LFDL) in Rochester.

Some community members interpret Rochester's new flag policy to include our little flag, even though the flag on our LFDL isn't a town-owned flag pole.

We'll fight to have the flag back and are seeking community support by contacting the Select Board and Board of Library Trustees.

TTAR unequivocally supports the diverse individuals whom are represented by the flag. We disagree with the Select Board's decision on the language in the policy and any context that extends the policy to include our Little Diverse Library.

We reject this decision as not being inclusive, fair, and egalitarian.

If our free speech must be curtailed by town regulations, please know that it is not curtailed in our programming, our mission, or our outreach.

Contact the Library Trustees: Kelley Medeiros (chair), Rhonda Reints (co-chair), Shauna Makuch (Secretary), Kim Burt, Mike King, Kathy Besch (Treasurer)

Contact the Select Board: Amanda Baptiste Executive Assistant (508) 763-3871 Ext. 110 Emily Dumas-Harding Administrative Assistant (508)763-3871 EXT 111 Paul Ciaburri, Bradford Morse, Adam Murphy Select Board Members


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