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Collection Development Policy


Objective: To guide in selecting and maintaining a collection of the best quality new and gently used diverse books available for readers and pre-readers of all ages in the greater Tri-Town area, including books that adults will read to children and others who may not yet read. Books for those learning to read English may also be included. When practical, the LFDL may include titles in other formats such as Large Print and audiobooks. 

What are Diverse Books? As discussed on the American Library Association’s website, a definition of “diversity” that is clear and not exclusive can be challenging. It referenced the mission statement of We Need Diverse Books, Inc. as helpful: 

“We recognize all diverse experiences, including (but not limited to) LGBTQIA, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities*, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities.” 

*Disabilities were considered in the broad sense to include physical, mental, and emotional conditions that may prevent equal access to experience. 

In keeping with the mission of Tri-Town Against Racism, its Little Free Diverse Libraries (LFDL) focus primarily, but not exclusively, on diverse books that deal with racism and discrimination or have main and secondary characters that are non-white. These books will have been favorably reviewed by librarians, educators, and other professionals in reviewing journals and on professionally accepted websites such as: 

Little Free Library Inc. Read in Color 

We Need Diverse Books 

Social Justice Books: A Teaching for Change Project 

American Library Association Resource Guides: Celebrating Diversity Scholastic Books

Publisher’s Weekly 

Kirkus Magazine 

School Library Journal 

Library Journal 

Books will be current, use age-appropriate language for the target readers, be free from stereotypes and bias, and be historically accurate. Illustrations will also reflect the content accurately and be free from stereotypes. 

Books and materials in the libraries, whether new or gently used, will be in very good to excellent condition as they will be shared and possibly returned to be shared again. Weekly visits to the LFDLs by volunteers will assure that any minor damage can be repaired. Any books with major damage, including writing or tears, will be removed and recycled. 

Weekly visits by volunteers will also ensure that the contents of the LFDL are kept clean and neat. Any donations from the community not in keeping with TTAR’s mission and the theme of diverse books will be removed and donated to other organizations. 

It is understood that donations of materials may be added to the LFDL by a member of the public before volunteers have time to review them. While we make every effort to visit the libraries frequently, a book may be placed there before a volunteer can be back to check. TTAR is not responsible for the content or condition of material we have not reviewed. Typically, Materials donated will have the organization’s logo sticker on the book. 

Books for young children, adolescents, teens, and adults all reside in the same Little Free Diverse Libraries. The philosophy of Little Free Libraries, nationally, is to Take a Book, Share a Book.

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